Freestanding Basins

A freestanding basin will sit flush on the floor and sometimes will also attach to the wall. This works similar to a pedestal but is all one piece. These offer a modern option for your bathroom, available in round and squared designs. These will have various numbers of tap holes to suit your needs. Your installer will be able to advise if this design would be suitable for your install.
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Q. What is a freestanding basin?
A. A freestanding basin is a basin that would be best described as being all in one. There is no pedestal required or additional unit to which the basin needs to be fitted.
Q. Why should I choose a freestanding basin?
A. Freestanding basins are not the most versatile style of basin but they are the most unique and eye catching. These basins lend themselves perfectly to ultra contemporary bathrooms, and choosing a freestanding basin ensures a truly eye catching piece, designed to be the focus in your bathroom. if you decide to go for this style of basin you will be hard pushed to find someone who has the same basin as you!
Q. What style should I go for?
A. Freestanding basins are fairly limited style wise. Whilst a freestanding basin could slot into your traditional bathroom setting depending on the shape, they have been designed to almost be a piece of artwork and the centre of attention, rather than being designed to suit a specific setting.
Q. Will I need a tap for my freestanding basin?
A. All of the freestanding basins that we sell do require a tap to be mounted directly onto the basin. With the range of taps that we offer you will be able to find a tap as unique as the basin you choose!
Q. Are freestanding basins suitable for cloakroom bathrooms?
A. In all honesty, due to the nature of freestanding basins they are not best suited to cloakroom bathrooms. However, depending on the shape of your cloakroom bathroom, if you have an alcove that requires an unusual shape to fit into it, then you may be lucky enough to find a suitable freestanding basin.
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