Semi Recessed Basins

A semi recessed basin will half sit in your unit or countertop giving you the option of a large basin if you only have space for a small unit. These come in both modern and traditional designs. You will have the choice of vairous numbers of tap holes. Your installer will be able to advise on what options are available to you.
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Q. What is a semi recessed basin?
A. A semi recessed basin will have the rear half of the basin recessed into a unit or countertop, and the front half of the basin will sit in front of the unit or countertop.
Q. Why should I choose a semi recessed basin?
A. Semi recessed basins can be a great choice for any bathroom, especially those where you are hoping to save some space. We have a fantastic range to choose from, over lots of different ranges, brands, shapes, sizes and price points, so there's sure to be a semi recessed basin perfect for your bathroom and needs.
Q. Will I need a tap for my semi recessed basin?
A. You will need a tap for your basin, yes. The basin will not come with this supplied. You will need to choose your tap based on the amount of tap holes that the basin has, and the style that you need.
Q. Are semi recessed basins suitable for use in a cloakroom bathroom?
A. Semi recessed basins could be a great choice for a smaller bathroom, if you have enough space for a worktop or unit, as this would then take up no additional space of it's own.
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