Shower Seats

Shower seats are perfect to assist disabled or elderly people whilst showering. These can be wall mounted and some can be folded away to the the wall. Also these can be a type of stool to sit on in the shower. Available from a range of different manufacturers in different styles to match other bathroom accessories.
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Q. What is a Shower Seat?
A. A shower seat is piece of equipment that is designed to assist the user whilst in the shower, and is literally a seat to sit on.
Q. Why should I choose Shower Seat?
A. A shower seat is the perfect accessory for those who are a little unsteady on their feet or struggle to stand for any length of time. They can also be used to sit children on if they are prone to slipping in the shower.
Q. What style should I go for?
A. As a general rule shower seats don't offer much in the way of particular styles such as traditional or modern, but there are hundreds of variations of shower seats from square, slatted, wood effect, rounded or square, the choice is up to you and with what fits in with your bathroom.
Q. Will I need anything else for my Shower Seat?
A. You will not need anything else with your shower seat but check that the fittings and fixings are included as they are not always.
Q. Are Shower Seats suitable for cloakroom bathrooms?
A. Shower seats can be used in cloakroom bathrooms providing that you have enough room in your enclosure for the seat and to allow someone to sit comfortably on it.
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