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Infinity Mirrors
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Infinity Mirrors

An infinity mirror is a mirror that fixes to the wall and gives the illusion that the mirror goes on forever. These mirrors have lots of little leds inside the mirror to create this effect. These can be a number of different coloured lights, in different patterns and shapes. These mirrors make a stunning center piece for your bathroom.

Get help, with our infinity mirrors FAQ

Q. What is an infinity mirror?
A. An infinity mirror has a refective surface and then a pattern of light os tiny lights giving the illusion that the mirror goes as far back as the eye can see, hence the term infinity.
Q. Why should I choose an infinity mirror?
A. Infinity mirrors are best suited to very modern bathrooms and generally where other mirrors are available. Due to the nature of the infinity design these are not the best example of an actual mirror. They will have a switch where you can turn the infinity function off, however the reflective surface tends to be a bit darker and less clear than on a standard mirror.
Q. What style should I go for?
A. This will be down to personal preference, these mirrors will be suited to a contemporary bathroom setting, and would not suit a traditional setting. You will have a choice of square or round and this wil be down to the style that you like and what fits in best with the other items in your bathroom.
Q. Will I need anything else to go with my infinity mirror?
A. Mirrors are stand alone items so you won't need to buy any additional products in order to use it, however fittings and fixtures are not included as standard so always check the advert.
Q. Are infinity mirrors suitable for cloakroom bathrooms?
A. There should be no issue with using an infinity mirror in a cloakroom or smaller bathroom, however it is worth bearing in mind the size of the mirror and how much space this will take up, and how much wall space you have availabe to you.