Shower Bath Suites

A shower bath bathroom suite will be a compilation of bathroom items that compliment each other including a shower bath. A shower bath is a bath designed to be used with a shower at the end instead of a shower tray, this is then paired with various other items, which can include basins, toilets, and vanity units.
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Q. What is a shower bath suite?
A. A shower bath suite will probably be what you'd imagine it to be. It will usually feature a shower bath along with a toilet and basin. Different suites may offer different combinations.
Q. Why should I choose a shower bath suite?
A. A shower bath suites can very convenient, particularly if you are not planning on having a separate shower enclosure, or don't have quite enough space for both. Shower baths are specifically designed for showering, and with the combination of a toilet and basin ensure you have almost everything you will need for your bathroom.
Q. What style should I go for?
A. Shower bath suites are considered to be a contemporary style so you would probably not choose one of these suites if you were trying to create a traditional feel. There will be various designs though for you to choose from, varying from minimalistic to softer, curved designs. Whichever you decide to choose will need to fit in with the theme of your bathroom.
Q. Will I need anything else to go with my shower bath suite?
A. You may need to purchase bath feet for the bath although many will come with the feet, and items such as wastes, taps, panels and screens etc will probably not be included.
Q. Are Shower Bath Suites suitable for cloakroom bathrooms?
A. Shower bath suites are probably not the ideal solution for a small or cloakroom bathroom, as there is unikely to be enough room to install the shower bath, or possibly even the toilet and basin so if this is your situation then you are best to look at the cloakroom section.
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