Standard Baths

Standard baths are available in a variety of different sizes, designs and materials included steel and acrylic. Some manufacturers will have premium acrylic material that will hold heat for longer or that will prevent staining. Some baths will be available with additional features such as anti slip,easy clean or grips. Some baths will not come with legs and will need to be purchased separately. If this is the case they will be available in the product options when added to your basket. This will also apply to the bath taps and wastes.
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Q. What is a standard bath?
A. A standard bath is just what it seems to be - a standard bath! It will have the tap and waste/overflow at one end and the other end is designed to be the end that you sit at, just as you probably will find with a large amounts of baths, hence standard.
Q. Why should I choose a standard bath?
A. A standard bath is designed to be used in most standard bathrooms. They aren't a particular style or design like the freestanding or traditional, and are perfect for a normal standard bathroom. If you are looking to create a certain look or feel they are probably not the bath to go for as they are just very standard with no specific design features. These baths are great for family bathrooms.
Q. What style should I go for?
A. As previously mentioned these baths are all standard in style, although some will be more curved or squarer than others. You are not going to be creating a focal point or leading the bathroom world in design, however these baths are brillaint in hardworking family bathrooms. If you like your choices simple or perhaps don't have an eye for design, or don't want a bathroom that will be out of style next year, these baths are perfect. Generally speaking steel tends to be better than acrylic - it is stronger and harder wearing, as well as holding the heat better, but if you do want to go for acrylic then choose the highest thickness of bath that you can afford. Steel is not what you might be imagining - the old tubs that stood in front of the fire with water from the saucepan being poured in with a horrible finish - modern steel baths are coated so are a great choice, as this though does seem to put some customers off!
Q. Will I need anything else to go with my standard bath?
A. You may need to purchase legs to go with your standard bath, and extras such as taps and wastes will not be included and will need to be purchased separately.
Q. Are standard baths suitable for use for use in a cloakroom bathroom?
A. We wouldn't recommend any bath for a cloakroom bathroom as there will usually only be enough space for a cloakroom suite such as a basin and toilet.
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