Just Trays

Just Trays are the UK's leading manufacturer of shower trays and with all design, development and production taking place in Leeds, West Yorkshire, Just Trays are very proud to be a UK manufacturer. They were founded in 1988 and since then they have unrivaled different ranges of shower trays to suit each and every customer, Just Trays have a vast range of trays all made from different materials and in all shapes and sizes and here at Ergonomic Designs we are proud to bring you the best manufacturer of shower trays at the best prices.
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Q. What Do Just Trays Manufacture?
A. Just Trays are a leading manufacture of top end shower trays with specialist materials such as the naturals range and the soft stone range. Within the large selection of different tray types Just Trays offer a large choice of tray sizes so you can find the perfect tray to fit your bathroom. Just Trays also manufacture shower tray accessories to compliment your chosen tray such as anti slip and wastes.
Q. Why Do Ergonomic Designs Like Just Trays?
A. Ergonomic Designs like Just Trays because they give our customers unique shower tray options to make their bathrooms perfect. Just trays have led the market in shower tray manufacturing being the first to develop several tray options that are now considered standard within the industry, some of these include the first acrylic capped shower tray and the first tray with integrated upstands. With over 30 years of experience we believe Just Trays bring the best products to the market.
Q. Why Choose Just Trays?
A. Just Trays lead in tray manufacturing and manufacture all their shower trays in the uk in their factory in Leeds. Just Trays are the the uks number one leading tray manufacturer and have been designs, innovating and producing trays for over 3 decades. They manufacture every shape and size tray to fit your bathroom without having to compromise on the quality that you want. Just trays offer a bespoke service within their soft stone range to accommodate even the most challenging space.