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Warmup is a certified ISO 9001:2008 UK based manufacturing Plc creating and delivering underfloor heating solutions (electric, hydronic and hybrid - a mixture of both).

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Q. What products do Warmup manufacture?
A. Warmup are the world's best-selling floor heating brand, providing underfloor heating suitable for a wide range of set ups and the thermostats to control these. There is a vast array of products to choose from dependent on your specific needs, from electric systems to provide underfloor heating to Snow Melting Cables that protect against snow and ice build-up over both concrete and asphalt surfaces to improve accessibility and avoid accidents.
Q. Why choose Warmup when purchasing your products?
A. With their dedication to Research and Development and customer service, Warmup are able to offer you technologically advanced underfloor heating systems that deliver the highest standard of product quality, performance and customer satisfaction. Combine this with the highest quality products available and them having the toughest, dual-fluoropolymer, thin heating wire on the market and there is no need to look any further when looking for these products.
Q. Why do Ergonomic Designs like Warmup?
A. Warmup have grown into a global company serving their specialist solutions and high standard products across a wide range of countries and are present in more than 70 countries worldwide. At Ergonomic Designs, we understand that additional cover and guarantees are important when looking to purchase any products, even just to get that extra piece of mind. This is why warmup is ideal for us to supply as they offer an extensive range of warranties across all their products. Moreover, they were the first brand on the market to offer a SafetyNet Installation Guarantee on their heating wires and pipes.
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3iE Programmable Thermostat
3iE Programmable Thermostat
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