Pivot Shower Doors

A pivot door is attached at a point along the door frame that the glass can pivot on to open and close. Each manufacturer offer different features including glass thickness, easy clean glass and different adjustment ranges, you will need to carefully check the adjustments if you are fitting the door into a recess. Any of these pivot doors can be paired with a side panel to create an enclosure.
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Q. What is a pivot shower door?
A. A pivot shower door is similar in look to the hinged doors, but with the hinges coming from the top and bottom rather than the sides, and the door will pivot outwards on these connections, creating a gap either side of the door when open.
Q. Why should I choose a pivot shower door?
A. Pivot shower doors are A good feature for a smaller sized enclosure, and some are evn available as frameless options. Bear in mind, you will need enough room to open the door if you choose this styel of shower door.
Q. What style should I go for?
A. The style will be pivot, however there are different options available within the range, at different price points. Glass thickness is something that you will need to consider, the thicker glass generally the better the quality. There are also additional feature with these items such as easy clean finish on the glass, helping to avoid limescale build up.You just need to decide on the size you require, your budget and then choose which one you like from the available options.
Q. Will I need anything else to go with my pivot shower door?
A. Some manufacturer's do not provide additional channels to install the door into a recess, but this should be advised in the advert. Other than that you should not need any other items to be able to use your shower door.
Q. Are pivot shower doors suitable for use in a cloakroom bathroom?
A. As cloakroom bathrooms will be too small to install a shower enclosure into we would not normally recommend this.
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