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An exposed mixer shower kit will give you a quick easy to fit shower as the exposed shower will be attached directly to the wall and your pipework. At Ergonomic Designs we offer a range of exposed mixer showers from minimalist bar valves and rail kits to shower towers and exposed panels with massage jets built in. When choosing a exposed shower kit it is important that you consider the water pressure you have to decide what size of shower head is suitable and to also make sure any features you select, such as massage jets will work on your system.
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Q. What is an exposed shower?
A. An exposed shower is one where the valve and pipework is seen externally on the wall and not hidden behind the tiles.
Q. Why should I choose an exposed shower?
A. Exposed showers are often easier to fit than their concealed counterparts, particularly if you have a solid wall or no rear access, but offer similar performance. They are available in numerous styles and configurations from bar valves to dual valves and from valves with polesattached to valves with a seperate riser, there's certain to be something to suit every taste and budget.
Q. What style should I go for?
A. This will all depend on your own personal likes and dislikes, and the style in which you are modelling the rest of your bathroom. Exposed showers come in a wide range of styles from contemporary to traditional and from minimalist to the stylish shower towers, all of these are considered exposed showers. Look out for additional features such as thermostatic, or packs which will include various items such as side showers.
Q. Will I need anything else to go with my exposed shower?
A. Fittings and fixtures will not be included as a general rule, but your plumber should bring a selection of these with him on his van when he comes to install, so discuss these requirements with him. Pipework will also not be included and will be installed by your plumber, or you may already have suitable pipework in-situ if you are replacing an existing unit. Just be aware that if you are replacing an old shower that the pipe centres for the valve and any riser railes or poles you are installing line up or are adjustable.
Q. Are exposed showers suitable for use in a cloakroom bathroom?
A. This will probably be a no as to be small enough to be classed as a cloakroom bathroom there wouldn't be enough space to install a bath or shower enclosure so there would be no use for a shower.
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