Offset Quadrant Shower Trays

Offset quadrant shower trays available from a range of different manufacturers in a variety of different materials. We would always recommend that you use the same manufacturer for your shower enclosure and tray to ensure that they fit together. Many trays will not come with a waste however they will be available in the product options when added to your basket if this is needed. Most trays will have a compatible riser kit available and again, this will be in the product options.
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Q. What is an offset quadrant shower tray?
A. An offset quadrant shower tray is one that is designed to be fitted into a corner and has one straight side longer than the other, with a curved front to the tray. Called Offset quadrants because they do not feature an even curve it is offest with one side longer than the other.
Q. Why should I choose an offset quadrant shower tray?
A. Offset quadrant shower trays are one of the most popular designs that we sell. They fit neatly into a corner, and have a lovely curved front, as well as being available in a few different sizes. Particularly popular n modern family bathrooms, but would suit any bathroom provided you have the space available to install it. Bear in mind the front of the tary will curve outwards and so will any enclosure that you install onto it.
Q. What style should I go for?
A. The style will be offset quadrant however, you need to be aware that there are left handed trays and right handed trays which denote how the tray the will be installed and where the curve will be. It is extremely important that you check with your installer and refer to the technical drawings and not the photograph, to establish what the correct orientation is for your bathroom. Other things to look out for are materials and waste position. Generally speaking stone resin trays will be the better choices, but there are also options available which are manufactures from ABS capped acrylic, strengthened acrylic and acrylic trays which are reinforced with steel bars to make them as sturdy as possible. There is no right or wrong you just need to discuss the options with your installer and follow their advice. Most customers won't choose acrylic as they can be prone to some flexing, however if installed correctly there is no reason why they shouldn't be suitable. Our most popular material is stone resin as it is lighter than solid stone trays but just as sturdy. ABS capped stone resin is not to be confused with ABS capped acrylic, they are different, the ABS capping is to create a nice, smooth surface to stand on. On some trays there may be additional features you can purchase such as an anti slip finish, either created during the manufacturing process (this will increase the lead time of the tray and will more than likely be a special order) , or anti slip kits suitable for install onto installed trays. check the product options or anti slip items for more information if this is something that interests you.
Q. Will I need anything else to go with my offset quadrant shower tray?
A. You may need to purchase a waste as not all trays will come with this included. You may also require a riser kit toraise the tray up, this is something that you installer should have advised you on. Please note, not all trays will be available with a riser kit as an option. If you would like an enclosure to install onto the tray again this won't be inlcuded, but can be purchased in additon. We would always recommend that you stick with the same manufacturer as the tray yo have chosen where possible.
Q. Are offset quadrant shower trays suitable for use in a cloakroom bathroom?
A. As cloakroom bathrooms will be too small to install a shower enclosure into we would not normally recommend this.
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