Splash Panels

Splash panels provide an easy to fit method of finishing your bathroom walls. Much easier to maintain and fit than tiles, there are now a large range of wall panelling designs to suit every bathroom. Some of these panels will have the tongue and grove feature for a gapless fitting. These can also have a flat edge to be able to use a joining strip in different finishes. Please be aware these will not come with the panel so you are best to speak to your installer to ensure you have the correct parts.
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Get help, with our splash panels FAQ

Q. What is splash panelling?
A. Splash or wall panelling is basically an alternative to tiling in your bathroom. The most popular use for these is behind the shower enclosure.
Q. Why should I choose splash panelling?
A. Splash or wall panelling is a great alternative to tiles. Generally the cost of these items is cheaper than tiling, and they are often easier to install and maintain than tiles. There are several manufacturers and brands to choose from, which offer a large range of designs and patterns to choose from, as well as install options.
Q. Will I need anything else to go with my splash panelling?
A. You will also need sealant, trims, silicone and adhesive etc. Some of the brands such as showerwall, offer fixing kits which include all of these things. It will also be recommended that you purchase an appropriate cleaner, again many of the manufacturers and brands will produce one that you can buy for your splash panelling.
Q. What is involved with maintaining my splash panelling?
A. Splash panelling is relatively easy to maintain, it just requires regular cleaning with the correct products. Splash panelling is generally easier to maintain than tiles, but always refer to the manufacturers care information before using any substances on your splash panelling.