Experience truly softened water for the whole home. A Tapworks water softener connects to your home’s plumbing system. It extracts the minerals from hard water that cause problem lime-scale. Tapworks water softeners are metered, and measure your water use every day, keeping a history of your water use from the day they are installed. The Tapworks unique Genius® electronics, using your history of water use, controls the regeneration process, making running costs much lower than other brands. In a year in an average hard water area, the water in a home could create up to 70 kg of scale. A water softener takes out the hard minerals from water which will help to maintain your water using appliances for longer, saving on unnecessary repairs caused by scale build up. In a recent report* a water softener was recommended as one of the best energy saving appliances you could buy. It doesn’t take long for scale to build up within appliances and just 0.8mm of scale can increase fuel costs by 10%. Without limescale build-up on heating elements, energy efficiency can be improved and heating bills reduced.
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