Electric Under Laminate Mats

Electric Under Laminate Mat Kits are perfect for those cold winter mornings. These kits are all you will need for the size you wish to cover up to 20m/sq. These all come with a basic thermostat control, however these can be upgraded buy selecting a different thermostat in the product options when added to your basket. The watt of the kit will determine the heat output of the elements.
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Q. What is an electric under laminate mat kit?
A. An electric under laminate mat kit is a type of under floor heating. It is a a kit which includes the probes and the cables to provide the heat within mats, as opposed to just being cables, specifically for being installed under laminate. These kits are run by electricity.
Q. Why should I choose an electric under laminate mat kit?
A. Under floor heating is a great option to have in your home, especially during the colder months. With various temperature settings and modes under floor heating offers you the flexibility for any time of year. Specifically though, the under laminate mat kit is designed to be installed under laminate, and the mat kits are the most popular method of doing this.
Q. Will I need anything else to go with my electric under laminate mat kit?
A. You will receive everything that you need in order to use the under laminate mat kit, however if you would like upgraded thermostats etc these would be an additional purchase.
Q. Are electric under laminate mat kits suitable for use in a cloakroom bathroom?
A. Providing you can find a kit that is suitable for use in the space that you have, then there is no reason why you couldn't use this in a cloakroom bathroom. You will need a fuse near by, and bear in mind that you may end up with quite a warm bathroom.
Q. What things should I consider before purchasing an electric under laminate mat kit?
A. Before purchasing an electric under laminate mat kit there are a few things to consider. It will take time to lay, which may delay your project and will certainly cost more. You will need an electrician who can wire the mats in for you, which may mean an additional trades person and again additional cost. You will need to make sure that the laminate you are laying is a suitable thickness for under floor heating. It is always best to discuss your needs with your installer, or if it is a large project, the project manager, to ensure that you are not disappointed further into the project.
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