Sensor Taps

The sensor detects hand movements and turns the tap on or off.To operate simply put your hands in front of the sensor. Remove your hands and the tap will automatically turn itself off again after a few seconds.
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Q. What are sensor taps?
A. Sensor taps are taps that do not require you to touch them in order to activate them, you meerly need to pass you hands in front of the sensor to start the tap.
Q. Why should I choose a sensor tap?
A. Sensor taps are incredibly hygienic as well as being ultra modern. They alleviate the need to have to touch a germy tap surface or grasp slippery handles with wet hands, as they are activated by motion or by something (ie your hand!) interrupting the infrared light. The downside is that these taps are usually significantly more exensive than a standard tap.
Q. What style should I go for?
A. There is not a huge range of different styles with these taps as they have to incorporate the sensor, however most of the styles of these taps are contemporary.
Q. Will I need anything else to go with my sensor tap?
A. Some of the taps you may need to purchase power supplies for, however if you are unsure as to what you are purchasing check the advert carefully as these should advise of additional items that need to be purchased.
Q. Are sensor taps sutable for use in a cloakroom bathroom?
A. There is no reason why one of these taps wouldn't be suitable for use in a cloakroom or smaller bathroom, however you just need to make sure that the tap will not be too big for your basin.
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