Countertop Basins

A countertop basin is a basin that will sit directly on top of a unit or work top. These may require a free standing tap or a wall mounted tap depending on the design you choose. These will be available in round and square options and have lots of different designs. Speak to your installer in regards to what is suitable for your install.
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Q. What is a countertop basin?
A. A countertop basin is a basin that is installed onto a countertop or other unit.
Q. Why should I choose a countertop basin?
A. Basin choice is completely about personal preference. Countertop basins are a good choice if you are limited on space and styling is a key focus. Countertop basins are particularly popular in bathrooms with contemporary and minimalistic styling. Countertop basins make fantastic center pieces.
Q. What style should I go for?
A. Our countertop basins are generally available in round or square. Square basins are usually chosen when being fitted in an angular shape bathroom, or when an ultra modern look is required. Square or rectangular countertop basins can be especially eye-catching and perfect if your basin is the key focus in your bathroom. If you are looking more for a traditional feel to your bathroom or if you are looking for a more natural, blended look then round countertop basins are probably more your thing.
Q. Will I need a tap for my countertop basin?
A. Countertop basins are great when it comes to choosing taps or fillers, as they give you more choice and freedom in terms of how you will get water into your basin. Some basins come with tap holes and if you are wanting taps on your basin as is traditional then this will be the option to go for. If you want your basin and bathroom to have more of an elegant feel then a beautiful freestanding tap and basin with no tap holes is going to be the one for you. This leaves fillers and wall mounted taps. If you are going for a modern and fairly unique look a wall mounted tap or filler may be just right for you.
Q. Are countertop basins suitable for cloakroom bathrooms?
A. Countertop basins may be perfect for cloakroom bathrooms, or smaller bathrooms. Designed to be installed as the name suggests 'On countertop' these basins can be fitted onto a unit or worktop, taking up no additional space of their own.
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