Concealed Toilet WC Cisterns

Concealed Toilet and WC Cisterns are perfect for use with back to wall toilets and hide all the toilet cistern flusing mechanism nicely behind either tiles of in a toilet unit. These concealed cisterns are perfect to keep a minimalist look in your bathroom and have a range of flush plates and buttons to suit all designs.
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Q. What is a concealed toilet WC cistern?
A. A concealed toilet wc cistern is a toilet cistern which is concealed behind your wall, or sometimes installed into a furniture unit. These ones do not come with a support frame.
Q. Why should I choose a concealed toilet wc cistern?
A. You would usually choose a concealed cistern if you were installing a back to wall toilet either directly up to a wall or against a back to wall unit. Having a back to wall toilet with concealed cistern can make your bathroom look spacious and tidy.
Q. What style should I go for?
A. There is no style when it comes to concealed cisterns and frames as they will be hidden behind your wall, what you do need to however is check that the cistern you want is correct for your system and toilet.
Q. Will I need anything else to go with my concealed toilet wc cistern?
A. This will depend on the items that you have purchased, most of the concealed toilet wc cisterns will need a controlling flush plate which will not usually be included. However, a range of compatible flush plates should be shown in the product options. Not all fittings and fixtures will be included as standard, so always check before purchasing. Also remember, you will need a toilet pan as well!
Q. Are concealed toilet wc cisterns suitable for use in a cloakroom bathroom?
A. Providing that you have enough space to install a compatible toilet pan then you could use a concealed toilet wc cistern in a cloakroom bathroom.
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