Shower Trays

Shower trays available from a range of different manufacturers in a variety of different materials. We would always recommend that you use the same manufacturer for your shower enclosure and tray to ensure that they fit together. Many trays will not come with a waste however they will be available in the product options when added to your basket if this is needed. Most trays will have a compatible riser kit available and again, this will be in the product options.
Click here to see our shower trays FAQ, or watch our help videos above!

These are our best selling Bow Fronted Shower Tray

Kudos Original 910x910x55mm Curved Shower Tray

Save £87.54

Kudos Original Offset Shower Tray 1000x810x55mm - Right Hand

Save £87.54

Infinite 1200x910mm Peninsular Curved Shower Tray

Save £124.52

D and U Shaped Shower Trays to suit all tastes

April Identiti2 915 X 1040mm U Shaped Shower Tray

Save £97.85

Premier Pearlstone D Shape 1050mm Shower Tray

Save £89.03

Offset Quadrant Shower Trays to suit all tastes

April Stone Resin Offset Quadrant 900x760 Shower Tray Lh

Save £60.60

Merlyn Touchstone 1200mm x 900mm Offset Quadrant Tray RH

Save £103.90

Zamori 900 X 800 35mm Offset Quadrant Antislip Shower Tray Right Hand

Save £80.32

Pentagon Shower Trays to suit all tastes

Zamori 1400 X 900 35mm Pentagon Antislip Shower Tray Right Hand

Save £199.32

Zamori 900 X 900 35mm Pentagon Shower Tray

Save £49.87

Zamori 1200 X 900 35mm Pentagon Shower Tray Right Hand

Save £127.07

Browse our great range of Quadrant Shower Trays

April Low Profile Stone Resin Quadrant 800 X 800 Shower Tray

Save £60.44

Merlyn Touchstone 800mm x 800mm Quadrant Tray

Save £49.82

Merlyn Mstone 800 X 800 Quadrant Shower Tray With Fast Flow Waste

Save £90.91

We think you'll love our Rectangular Shower Trays

Zamori 1800 X 900 35mm Rectangular Anti Slip Shower Tray

Save £154.70

Zamori 1200 X 1000 35mm Rectangular Shower Tray

Save £123.24

Bette 900 X 600mm Flat Rectangular Shower Tray

Save £31.84

Other customers loved these Shower Tray Riser Kits

1200mm Easy Plumb Riser Kit

Save £19.08

Premier Pearlstone Leg Set And Plinth Kit 1000mm And 1700mm Plinth

Save £12.17

Premier Pack Of 6 Riser Kit Legs For Pearlstone Trays

Save £8.77

We think you'll love our Shower Tray Waste

Aquadart Aqualavo 90mm Stainless Steel Waste With Chrome Effect Grate

Save £7.81

Hudson Reed Fast Flow Shower Waste

Save £9.22

Kudos connect2 50mm Shower Waste

Save £8.74

Other customers loved these Square Shower Trays

April Low Profile Stone Resin Square 800 X 800mm Shower Tray

Save £46.68

Jt Ultracast White 700 X 700 Square Flat Top Shower Tray

Save £20.54

Merlyn Mstone 900 X 900 Square Shower Tray With Fast Flow Waste

Save £99.78

Get help, with our shower trays FAQ

Q. I want to buy a new shower tray for my bathroom what do I need to do first?
A. The first thing you need to do is decide on the size space it will be fitting in, your budget and if you have a door or enclosure if they are suitable for use with any tray or if it is make and manufacturer specific.
Q. Should I go for a low level tray a standard height tray or an anti slip tray?
A. There are positives for each of these things. The low level shower trays are ideal for modern bathrooms or where a wet room look is the aim, standard height trays are great for replacing older style shower trays and for more classic style bathrooms. Anti slip trays are usually an added feature which provides a coating to prevent slips. A lot of the standard height and low level trays will have this option available if you have small children or family members who are not so steady on their feet. There are also anti slip kits available which can be added after a tray has been purchased and installed which can be added to most shower trays. There isn't a right or wrong it is down to your needs, the style that you like and your bathroom.
Q. What design of shower tray should I go for?
A. This will probably be mostly determined by the glass that you are planning to use, for example if you have already purchased an offset quadrant enclosure you wouldn't be able to then have a rectangular shower tray. If you are planning on choosing the tray that you want first then all you need to know is the space that you have available and if there are any limits in terms of what your plumber can install. If you are not limited by anything then all you need to work out is what design you like. Wetroom style trays are beautiful if you have a large space and want a contemporary minimalist design, square or rectangular are just a standard design that will go with most of the glass styles, if it's something neat you are looking for then a quadrant or offset quadrant would be perfect. There are also some other, less usual designs which may also fit in with your bathroom, the choice is yours!
Q. What materials can I choose from and which is the best?
A. Generally there are two materials used to manufacture trays - abs capped stone resin and abs capped acrylic. Of these two it is considered that the stone resin is better as it doesn't flex and is very durable. However most acrylic trays these days are strengthened to limit flexing as much as possible. There also other trays which are strengthened using steel bars or a foot frame and these are also incredibly good quality. The manufacturer just trays manufacture a lovely product called a soft stone which is unique to all other trays and is made from a material called aqua cushion which is similar to a foam sort of material. These are perfect for wet room installs and added luxury as they are considerably more expensive, but support your weight and mould to your feet.
Q. Which install option should I go for, for my shower tray?
A. There isn't much in the way of install options for trays. Most standard trays will either be installed as a wet room effect and levelled with the floor, straight onto the floor, or fitted onto a riser kit if it cannot be installed straight onto the floor. Some of the trays, mainly kaldewei branded are designed to be installed onto foot frames but this will be advised in the advert.
Q. I have a cloakroom/tiny bathroom what shower tray style should I choose?
A. If you only have a small space then you will need a smaller size shower tray, the style is going to be more dependant upon the glass that you choose rather than the tray.
Q. I don't have a big budget, is there still a good variety of shower trays to choose from?
A. Many of the shower trays available are relatively inexpensive and as most are stone resin you can still get a very good quality tray even if you don't have a large budget to work with.
Q. What else will I need to go with my shower tray?
A. Depending upon the shower tray you have chosen and how your installer wants to fit it, you will also need the waste as they are not all included as standard, you may require a riser kit or frame, and there is also the option on some trays of an upstand kit which creates a lip to be tiled over for no leaks.
Q. Can I find matching items to go with my shower tray?
A. You won't be able to get matching items as such but you will find that you can choose and enclosure or door that is made by the same manufacturer.
Q. What is involved with maintaining my shower tray correctly?
A. A gentle bathroom cleaner, soft cloth and a regular cleaning routine will keep your tray tip top. Never use anything harsh or abrasive as you could damage the tray.