Toilets are available in many different styles, designs and sizes. There are many different types of toilet that can be used. For example wall hung, close coupled or back to wall. All of these are also available in traditional designs to suit your traditional designs. Most of the close coupled toilet pans will not come with a cistern or seat and these will need to be purchased separately. This will also be the case with back to wall and wall hung toilets however you will need to ensure that you have the correct frame or cistern for the toilet and also you will need to ensure that the flush plate you choose is compatible with the cistern and vice versa.
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Get help, with our toilets FAQ

Q. I want to buy a new toilet for my bathroom what do I need to do first?
A. The first thing to do when buying a new toilet is to find out from your installer if there is a specific type of toilet that you will need to go for, or if you are able to enjoy any of the styles. Once you know this you will need to work out a budget and decide on the design of the toilet that you want to go for.
Q. What style of toilet should I choose?
A. Providing there are no limitations on what your install will allow then this is entirely down to you. Within the different install types there is also traditional, contemporary, square, round, minimalist, something for everyone. There is no right or wrong answer, elegant traditional toilets and designs can be beautiful, where stunning contemporary toilets can create a modern and minimalistic feel.
Q. What design should I go for?
A. This will be decided by what you can have installed in your bathroom and the look and feel you are trying to create. There are the back to wall toilets, which are not only space savers, but also create a lovely minimalistic feel, wall hung is much the same, close coupled toilets are probably the classic style for the bathroom but there are lots of different looks to choose from within this from chunky to sleep, traditional to contemporary.
Q. What materials can I choose from and which is the best?
A. Most toilets are manufactured from ceramic/vitreous china. They are both more or less the same there is no real difference and both are just as good quality as the other. Other than cistern component, there are no working parts on a toilet and as such there is very little to go wrong, regardless of what toilet you choose.
Q. Which install option should I go for, for my toilet?
A. The install options will be dependant on the design of toilet that you have gone for. All but the wall hung option will be floor mounted, back to wall will fit right against the wall or a toilet unit, with close coupled you get open and closed back, your installer will help you decide which one of these you will require. Wall hung toilets will usually be fitted using a frame or some sort of support.
Q. I have a cloakroom/tiny bathroom what toilet style should I choose?
A. Most manufacturers also produce a special cloakroom range which offers smaller toilets, with a shorter projection to fit better in smaller spaces. If you have a little more space to then you would find that generally a wall hung or back to wall toilet would offer a shorter projection.
Q. I don't have a big budget, is there still a good variety of toilets to choose from?
A. There are hundreds of different toilets available, all at different price points. Most ranges include a budget range, and generally there is still a huge variety to choose from even with a smaller budget.
Q. What else will I need to go with my toilet?
A. As with most bathroom products this will largely depend on the design you have chosen. With close coupled toilets you may find that the cistern and seat won't be included, or that a standard seat is included but not a soft close version. Sometimes levers need to be purchased separately too. Wall Hung and back to wall toilets will often need the seat, and will definitely require a concealed cistern. The cisterns may need push buttons or flush plates as well. If you want a toilet unit this will need to be purchased, and for wall hung toilets if you need a frame this will also not be included. No fittings or fixtures will be included either, but these are usually standard.
Q. Can I find matching items to go with my toilet?
A. You will find that lots of the toilets will also have matching basins available to go with them to better coordinate your bathroom.
Q. What is involved with maintaining my toilet correctly?
A. As with most things the best way of keeping your toilet in it's best condition is with a regular cleaning schedule. Normal toilet cleaners should be fine to use unless the manufacturer's care guides state otherwise, and this will keep your toilet in tip top condition.