Illuminated Mirrors

An illuminated mirror is a mirror that has a separate light shining upon it to illuminate the mirror. This helps with carrying out your daily routine. Choose from a range of shapes and sizes and designs to fit your bathroom space perfectly.
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Q. What is an illuminated mirror?
A. An illuminated mirror is a mirror which has a separate light usually overhanging the top or sometimes the side of the mirrors.
Q. Why should I choose an illuminated mirror?
A. Illuminated mirrors are a great option if you want a standard mirror but also have the additonal option of a light. This won't be strong enough to light up your whole room but will give additional light in the area of the mirror.
Q. What style should I go for?
A. Like with other bathroom products this will mostly be down to personal preference and the style of the other items in your bathroom. As with the backlit mirrors these illuminated mirrors are mostly suited to contemporary bathrooms as there are not really any traditional options for this design.
Q. Will I need anything else for my illuminated mirror?
A. You shouldn't need any other items to go with your illuminated mirror as they are standalone pieces, however always check the adverts as fixings are not always included as standard.
Q. Are illuminated mirrors suitable for Cloakroom bathrooms?
A. There is no reason why these wouldn't be suited to a coakroom or smaller bathroom. You just need to keep in mind the wall space you have available and the size of the mirror you are using. Cloakroom and smaller bathrooms to tend to be somewhat darker than arger bathrooms so the additonal light may make these the ideal choice.
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