Basin Vanity Units

We have an extensive range of basin vanity units for use in any size, shape or style of bathrooms. With over 10 different brands to choose from we guarantee that you will find the perfect unit for you. Most vanity units will be sold separately to the basins so we recommend checking our advert before placing your order. Manufacturers supply these items separately so that if either part needed to be replaced you dont have to purchase the entire product again.
Click here to see our basin vanity units FAQ, or watch our help videos above!

Our Cloakroom Vanity Unit are excellent value!

Roca Debba Compact Cloakroom 800mm Wall Hung Vanity Unit In Oak

Save 33%

Frontline Enjoy 450mm FloorStanding Cloakroom Vanity Unit and Mirror Set Gloss White

Save 35%

Hudson Reed 405mm Cloakroom Floor Standing Vanity Unit & Basin

Save 58%

Corner Vanity Unit bought by other customers

Bauhaus Svelte 600mm Wall Hung Corner Vanity Unit Storm Grey

Save 35%

Bauhaus Svelte American Walnut Corner Vanity Unit

Save 35%

Floor Standing Vanity Unit we think you'll love!

Hudson Reed 605mm Floor Standing Vanity Unit & Basin

Save 58%

Roca Carmen 1300m Vanity Unit in Satin Anthracite

Save 45%

Premier Checker White Gloss 450mm Floor Standing Vanity Unit

Save 52%

These are our best selling Traditional Bathroom Furniture

Old London 600 Traditional Floor Standing Vanity and Marble Top 1TH Storm Grey

Save 18%

Burlington 600mm White Door Floorstanding Traditional Vanity Unit

Save 43%

Roper Rhodes Hampton 700mm Traditional Bathroom Furniture Unit Chalk White

Save 32%

We think you'll love our Wall Hung Vanity Unit

Roca Victoria N Unik 585mm Wall Hung Vanity Unit With Basin In Anthracite Grey

Save 42%

Synergy Float 1200mm Wall Unit Driftwood

Save 25%

Roca Victoria N Unik 585mm Wall Hung Vanity Unit + Basin Textured Oak

Save 40%

Get help, with our basin vanity units FAQ

Q. What is a basin vanity unit?
A. A basin vanity unit is a unit design to have a basin fitted to the top of it. They are available ina range of styles and designs, and will be floor standing or wall hung.
Q. What basin vanity units are there to choose from?
A. There are lots and lots of different types, sizes and designs of basin vanity unit, however the main categories are cloakroom, corner, floor standing, traditional and wall hung. You will also find that these are offered in a variety of materials, finishes and colours for even more choice.
Q. Why should I choose a basin vanity unit?
A. Basin vanity units are a great option for most bathrooms. With such a large range of styles to choose from you're almost certain to find something that will suit your tastes and install. Basin vanity units are great for creating additional storage space without taking up a space for a basin and a unit, and with designs ranging from ultra modern to traditional, they can really help to create the look and feel you are trying to achieve in your bathroom.
Q. What things should I consider when choosing a basin vanity unit?
A. There are a few things to take into consideration when choosing a basin vanity unit. The first thing to think about is how much space you have available. There's nothing worse than finding the perfect unit only to find it won't fit in your bathroom! The second thing to consider is the style and design you want to go for, for example floor standing, wall hung, traditional etc. The final thing to think about is budget. You need to decide on this before you start looking at the section you have narrowed down. Some brands and styles will be more expensive than others, and it's always worth remembering that most basin vanity units won't actually come with the basin.
Q. What other items might I need to go with my basin vanity unit?
A. The majority of basin vanity units will not come with the basin. this might sound strange but it is for a couple of reasons; you will often find that there is more than one basin suitable for use with the vanity unit, they may be different styles and different prices, but this then allows you to choose your basin. Many manufacturers like to sell the parts separately in case a customer was to only require one part, for example if a basin or unit has become damaged and only one or the other is required, and some customers like to shop around and will often buy the unit from one company and the basin from another, so the options are there for everyone. If you do require the basin then just make sure that you add one of the recommended products in the product options to your basket, along with the actual unit. The tap or taps will also not come included so will need to be purchased in addition, and wastes and traps will also be additional products. But don't worry, within the adverts for our products we do have the product options drop down, which also appears as a pop up when you add the main item to your basket, making it easy for you to see all of the additional products that you would be required, and a button for you to add these to your basket.