Bow Shaped Enclosure

A bow fronted enclosure can come in a quadrant design meaning one curved door completes the enclosure, other designs will come with a slightly curved door and two side panels to make a 3 sided enclosure that will attach to one wall or alternatively, there will be a slightly curved door and one side panel meaning it will attach to two walls to complete the enclosure. Most bow fronted enclosures will come complete with a tray making selecting the right enclosure for your bathroom quick and easy.
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Q. What is a bow shaped enclosure?
A. A bow shaped enclosure is one which will have a bowed front - much like that of a bow and arrow. Some will have an extreme bow, others will only be a slight bow. They may have just one long curved door with no side panels, one side panel or two side panels, depending upon the design that you choose.
Q. Why should I choose a bow shaped shower enclosure?
A. Bow shaped enclosures are a great way to save space, particularly with the enclosures that have the extreme bow and no side panels. The enclosures that have the more subtle bow and three sides are a great way of creating a larger enclosure and can be a more affordable option than the more specialist three sided enclosures. There are lots of brands and designs to choose from meaning that there should be a bow shaped enclosure for every bathroom. There are also super modern semi frameless options to choose from, as well as thicker framed classic designs.
Q. Will I need anything else to go with my bow shaped shower enclosure?
A. Some of the enclosures won't come with the side panels if these are an option, or the tray, waste riser kit etc, so always check the advert and product options before purchasing. You will also need the actual shower to wash under!
Q. Can I buy matching items for my bow fronted shower enclosure?
A. Generally speaking there won't be matching items for a shower enclosure so it will just be a case of looking for other items that are the same style as the enclosure that you have chosen.
Q. Are bow fronted shower enclosures suitable for use in a cloakroom bathroom?
A. To be classified as a cloakroom bathroom, the space would have to be very small, and generally only enough space available to install a basin and toilet, so we wouldn't say that any shower enclosure would be suitable for use in a cloakroom bathroom.
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