Robe Hook

A robe hook will fit to your wall or door to hold your robe to make it easily accessible within the bathroom. These come in lots of different styles and designs, in round or square shapes to compliment your bathroom style.
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Q. What is a Robe Hook?
A. A robe hook is a device that is fitted to a wall and holds your bath robe.
Q. Why should I choose a Robe Hook?
A. A robe hook is ideal if you require somewhere to hang and store your bath robe inside of the bathroom.
Q. What style should I go for?
A. As with all accessories, you will more than likely be matching your robe hook to the other elements in your bathroom. Robe hooks are available in square, round, contemporary and traditional styles, something for every bathroom.
Q. Will I need anything else for my Robe Hook ?
A. A robe hook is a stand alone piece, if you are a couple you may wish to purchase two but there are no additional items required to use your robe hook. Always check the adverts to see if any fittings are needed as they are not always included.
Q. Are Robe Hooks suitable for cloakroom bathrooms?
A. Robe hooks are perfectly fine to use in cloakroom bathrooms, they can be fitted to walls or the back of doors to hold your bathrobe, without taking up a great deal of space.
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