Toilet Accessories

Toilet accessories include a wide range of products that will complete and complement your bathroom. From toilet cisterns and frames to toilet brushes to and toilet roll holders you will find the perfect products for you.
Click here to see our toilet accessories FAQ, or watch our help videos above!

We think you'll love our Concealed Toilet Cisterns with Fixing Frame

Roper Rhodes 1.0M Wall Hung Concealed Toilet Cisterns With Fixing Frame

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Vitra 8cm Wall Hung Slim Frame With 3/6 Ltr Concealed Cistern

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Vitra 8cm Floor Fix Wall Hung Frame With Concealed Cistern 3/6 Ltr

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Take a look at our huge range of Concealed Toilet WC Cisterns

Roca In Wall Basic Tank Compact Concealed Toilet Cistern

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Premier Front Access Dual Flush Concealed Cistern

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Roca Basic WC Compact Concealed 8cm Cistern with Dual Flush 6/3L

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Browse our great range of Toilet Brush

Roper Rhodes Form Wall Mounted Round Toilet Brush

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Square Solid Metal Glass Toilet Brush And Holder

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Roper Rhodes Classic Round Ceramic Toilet Brush

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Take a look at our best selling Toilet Flush Plates and Buttons

Ideal Standard Conceala Dual Chrome Flush Plate

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Roca EP1 Black and LED Light Touchless Electronic Flush Plate

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Geberit Dual Flush Plate In Matt And Gloss Chrome For Omega30

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Take a look at our best selling Toilet Roll Holder

Roca Victoria Toilet Roll Holder

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Bristan Round Toilet Roll Holder

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Bristan Traditional Round Toilet Roll Holder

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Other customers loved these Toilet Seats

Roper Rhodes Zest 500mm Projection Soft Close Toilet Seat White

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Premier Luxury D Shape Quick Release Soft Close Toilet Seat

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Premier Bliss Square Quick Release Soft Close Toilet Seat

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Our Toilet Units are excellent value!

Roper Rhodes Valencia 620mm Back To Wall Wc Toilet Unit

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Hudson Reed Sarenna 500mm Graphite Wc Toilet Unit

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Hudson Reed Open Shelf Toilet Unit Gloss Grey Driftwood

Save 61%

Get help, with our toilet accessories FAQ

Q. What are toilet accessories?
A. Toilet accessories are a range of products designed to either compliment your toilet, or to assist in the function, for example concealed cisterns for wall hung toilets.
Q. What things should I consider before purchasing any toilet accessories?
A. You need to decide what accessories are essential for use of your toilet, and what accessories are just for aesthetic purposes. If you have a wall hung toilet you are likely to need a concealed cistern with frame, if you have a back to wall toilet then you will require a concealed cistern. You will need to speak to your plumber for advice on the best cistern to go for, and compatibility. With frames and cisterns you will need to check the pipe centres of your toilet in comparison to the frame and cistern that you have chosen. Generally speaking, most concealed cisterns are universal, but always check the advert before purchasing. You will need to decide whether you want a toilet unit as well or whether you just plan to install the cistern into a cavity within the wall and have it hidden that way. There are different dual flush cisterns available, with different levels of flush. For many of the cisterns you will also need to choose a flush plate or button. With items such as toilet units, and toilet brushes, you will need to think about the style, colour and design that will go with the rest of your bathroom items. With toilet seats you will need to check that it is the correct one for your toilet pan, as most seats are not universal.
Q. Why should I choose toilet accessories?
A. Toilet accessories are great finishing pieces, and can really help to create that perfect look by complimenting the more prominent items in your bathroom, or being show pieces in their own right. For some toilet accessories they will be more than this, they will be items that are actually required to be able to use your toilet correctly, such as cisterns and seats. For toilet brushes and toilet roll holders, there is a large selection to choose from, whether your bathroom is traditional, modern or somewhere in between!
Q. Will toilet accessories be suitable for use in a cloakroom bathroom?
A. This will depend on the size of your bathroom, and the items that you are having fitted. If you are having a wall hung or back to wall toilet pan then you will still need a concealed cistern/frame, but you are unlikely to have enough room to fit a toilet unit. Toilet seats will obviously go on the pan so will not take up any additional room, and toilet roll holders and brushes should be small enough to have fitted, or pop down the side of your toilet.
Q. Can I get matching items to go with my toilet accessories?
A. You may be able to find ranges that offer a variety of products that have the same or similar design, but this is more likely for things like the toilet brushes and toilet roll holders. Use the filters on our website to help narrow your search.