Column and designer radiators are perfect for any room in your home. With plenty of styles, finishes and sizes to choose from you are bound to find a radiator to complete your room. When looking for radiators you need to ensure that you have the correct BTU to heat your room. You will be able to find a BTU calculator online to work out what you need. If the BTU you need is quite high you may need to look at using multiple radiators in different areas of your room.
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1800 X 354 White Vertical Double Panel Column Designer Radiator

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Hudson Reed 1800 X 300mm Infrared Heating Panel Radiator

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Premier 800w White Infrared Heating Panel Radiator

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Premier 500w White Infrared Heating Panel Radiator

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Get help, with our radiators FAQ

Q. I want to buy a new radiator for my bathroom what do I need to do first?
A. The first steps when choosing a new radiator is to decide what the main usage is going to be for example heating, or to hold towels, what the BTU requirements will be and what your budget is. Then you can start to look at styles and designs.
Q. Should I go for a rounded radiator or a square radiator?
A. There isn't really round or square when it comes to radiators, however there are rounder styles and sharper square styles. There is no right or wrong but as a general rule the squarer shapes tend to be more popular.
Q. What design of radiator should I go for?
A. This is all down to you and the design of your bathroom. If you are going for a traditional look then a traditional towel radiator or rail would be perfect, if you are looking for something contemporary one of the sleek designer radiators, perhaps one of the coloured radiators would do well, or if you are after something of a more classic style then the white column radiators would be just right. the options are endless and can be matched to any bathroom style.
Q. What materials can I choose from and which is the best?
A. A large percentage of radiators are manufactured from mild steel, or steel, and as such there isn't really much to distinguish between radiators in that sense. Most radiators that are manufactured from this material are very good quality, and there is very little to go wrong with a radiator!
Q. Which install option should I go for, for my radiator?
A. Other than the design of the radiator you choose there are pretty much only three install options, and these will depend on the style of radiator you go for. Some of the traditional and column radiators are floor standing, but most of the towel radiators/rails, and designer radiators are either vertically wall mounted or horizontally wall mounted. There is no right or better install option, it will depend on the radiator you have chosen, your pipework, and how much space you have available. For s=example if you have a narrow room then you probably won't go for the horizontal install option.
Q. I have a cloakroom/tiny bathroom what radiator style should I choose?
A. As long as you have the room to accommodate a small radiator then a towel radiator or small traditional radiator would probably be best suited to smaller spaces, the designer radiators and column radiators will generally be too large to fit into a small room.
Q. I don't have a big budget, is there still a good variety of radiators to choose from?
A. There are lots of different radiators to choose from at different price points to accommodate all budgets. Having a smaller budget doesn't mean that there isn't a radiator out there for you!
Q. What else will I need to go with my radiator?
A. Mostly the only additional items that would be required to go with a radiator will be the radiator valves. On some of the electric radiators you may need to purchase elements and dual fuel kits are also not included. Always check the adverts for what is included and required.
Q. Can I find matching items to go with my radiator?
A. Most radiators will be standalone items and not part of ranges, but you can coordinate other items to match the same style as your radiator for example contemporary or traditional.
Q. What is involved with maintaining my radiator correctly?
A. Most radiators will just involve a good dusting and gentle cleaning routine. Never use anything abrasive or bleach based to clean our radiator and always follow the manufacturer's cleaning guides.