Traditional Radiators

Traditional style radiators that are available in a range of different sizes and with different BTU's. Mainly used for a hanging, heating or drying towels in a bathroom whilst giving a nostalgic feel. You will need to purchase radiator valves to go with these radiators. The radiator valves you will need will depend on the position of your pipework so its always best to check with your installer and ask them to advise.
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Q. What is a traditional radiator?
A. Just as it sounds all radiators within this category are of a traditional design, but work in the same way as any other radiator.
Q. Why should I choose a traditional radiator?
A. These radiators tend to have quite a pretty look to them and are perfect for bathrooms or areas where you are trying to create an elegant bygone era feel. Due to the design of most of these radiators you'll find that many of them are suitable for hanging towels over so double as a towel radiator.
Q. What style should I go for?
A. This is your style, traditional! You will find all chrome radiators in this section as well as chrome and white column style radiators. Whichever suits your space best will be the design to choose.
Q. Will I need anything else to go with my traditional radiator?
A. You will need radiator valves to connect your pipework into the radiator. See the technical drawings for the one that you want to buy, and check with your installer whether you would need straight or angled valves. As a general rule, if the radiators inlets are on the sides of the radiator and your pipework is coming out from the wall or up from the floor you will need angled valves. if the inlets are at the bottom of the radiator and your pipework is coming up from the floor you will need straight radiator valves, or if the pipe work is coming out from your wall you will need angled valves. Always check the adverts and technical carefully.
Q. Are traditional radiators suitable for use in a cloakroom bathroom?
A. Only you or your installer will know the answer to this. If you have enough space to install the radiator that you have chosen then yes it would be suitable.
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