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Underfloor Heating
A range of underfloor heating products from tile kits to underfloor insulation mats and Marmox boards. The tile kits are available in a range of different wattage's and sizes to suit the area you wish to heat.

Get help, with our underfloor heating FAQ

Q. I want to buy new underfloor heating for my bathroom what do I need to do first?
A. Firstly you need to decide what kit you need, which will be determined by the kind of flooring you have - laminate/wood or tiles. Then you will need to work out what wattage is required for your install. You will also need to find out what size kit you require. It is important to remember when doing your measurements to take away the measurements where items such as the bath toilet basin etc. are going to be. it is also generally recommended that you remove 10% of the measurement for the floor edges.
Q. What style of underfloor heating should I choose?
A. If you have laminate or wood flooring then the best kit is the electric under laminate mats. If you have tiling then there is a choice of two styles - the electric under tile cable kit or the electric under tile mat kit. For more information please see which install option should I go for.
Q. What wattage will I require?
A. Generally speaking, the following is a rough guide to what wattage will suit your bathroom best. For laminate/wood flooring kits - 100W would give additional heating to a room that's being heated with radiators or towel radiators, 150W is good as a heating source for well insulated rooms, and 200W would be for a very cold room with no additional heating or that has an outside wall. This also applies to underfloor mat tiling kits. For tiling cable kits - 115W would be tile warming and additional heat, 140W would be for a well insulated room, and 170W would be for a cold room. It is worth noting however that to improve the heat output/wattage then the closer together the cabling is run. Individual adverts will go into more depth if you require more information.
Q. How will the underfloor heating run?
A. All of the underfloor heating kits we sell are run by electric, but are safe to be used in bathrooms.
Q. Which install option should I go for, for my underfloor heating?
A. As per the style question, this will partly be dependant upon the type of floor you have. For laminate or wood flooring the best is electric under laminate mats. For tiled floors you have the choice of a mat or cable kit. Neither is necessarily better than the other, however the cabling is arguably more flexible whereas the mat will come in one and will need to be cut to size and shape. Your installer will probably advise you on what they think will be the best option. Another thing that would normally be recommended is something called blue boards, which are basically insulation and would normally be fitted with underfloor heating. They help to increase heat retention and warm up times, making the underfloor heating more efficient.
Q. I have a cloakroom/tiny bathroom can I have underfloor heating?
A. You can have underfloor heating as the kits come in different sizes and can be adjusted, however you may find that if you are planning to have another heater such as towel radiator that underfloor heating is necessary. You may also want to consider the underfloor heating as your only heating option if you have a small well insulated room, which may provide a more ambient temperature than a radiator, and will take up no additional space.
Q. I don't have a big budget, is there still a good variety of underfloor heating to choose from?
Q. What else will I need to go with my underfloor heating?
A. Underfloor heating is sold as a complete kit so you shouldn't need anything else, other than the insulating blue boards.
Q. Can I find matching items to go with my underfloor heating?
A. Underfloor heating will literally be hidden beneath your floor so there will be no need for matching items.
Q. What is involved with maintaining my underfloor correctly?
A. There is no real maintenance required with underfloor heating, it is one of the lowest maintenance bathroom product you can buy.
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