Handles for shower valves available to purchase online from Ergonomic Designs
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Q. What are handles?
A. Handles are literally just as they sound - handles for things. These can be for shower valves, shower doors or bathroom furniture items.
Q. What things should I consider before purchasing any handles?
A. The thing to remember is that technically any handles are classed as spares, so you need to ensure that the product you are purchasing the handle(s) for is compatible with the handle. For example, furniture handles will only be suitable with single product or sometimes range, and the handles won't be suitable for other manufacturer's products, or other ranges etc. The same with shower valve handles, these will also be dependent upon model (ie valves may have the same product id but the models have changed over the years to different manufacturers). If you are at all unsure about any product, speak to the manufacturer of the product you are buying a handle for. If it is a furniture item which we have provided details of the handles in product options, then these are the compatible options.
Q. Why should I choose handles?
A. Handles are a finishing piece and will be a requirement to go with some items if they are not already included, or there are multiple handle options. As with anything, handles will have a life span so it may be that you need to replace the handle or handles. However, handles have no working parts in them so they do tend to last longer than other spare parts such as cartridges.
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