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Tiles for indoor or outdoor, wall and floors. We have a large selection of porcelain, ceramic and mosaic tiles. All of these tiles are available in different sizes, designs and finishes such as polished, unpolished, lapatto (semi polished), gloss and matte etc. Ceramic and porcelain tiles are sold by the box, however the amount of tiles per box varies. We do list all of the meters coverage per box so that you ensure you order the correct amount of tiles. We always recommend ordering 10% more than what you need to allow for any wastage like cuts or breakages. This alleviate the issue of having two different batches of tiles should you need to order more.

Get help, with our tiling FAQ

Q. What is tiling?
A. Tiling is generally either ceramic or porcelain tiles which are either used as flooring, or on bathroom walls. There is also mosaic tiling which will be smaller tiles designed to be used to create a pattern or effect.
Q. Why should I choose tiling?
A. Tiling is extremely versatile and hardwearing, especially if you choose porcelain tiles. There is a wide variety of effects, colours, finishes and designs to choose from, meaning there is a perfect range of tiles for every situation. Tiling can help to create a beautiful space, with even wood floor effect now available. Tiles also come in a range of sizes to allow you to fit to the space you need, or create the look that you want.
Q. What things should I consider before purchasing tiling?
A. There a few considerations before you decide to go with tiling. You need to think about the space you have available, and whether you want the tiles confined to one room, or if you want them to continue out into a kitchen or other area of the house. Laying tiles is a skill, and you will need a qualified and experienced trades person. It will take time, and will mean that the areas tiles are being laid won't be usable for the duration of the fitting. Porcelain tiles are extremely hard to cut, and can be quite painstaking work for the installer. You also need to think about the size of the tiles that you want, the cost of the tiles, whether you want to go for porcelain or ceramic tiles, the pattern or design that you would like, and where you will store the tiles until they are fitted. Depending on the amount of tiles that will be required, you may end up with one or more pallets to store until the tiler comes to install them.
Q. What type of tiling should I choose?
A. There is no right or wrong, your choice will largely be decided by the design and look you are hoping to choose. Generally porcelain tiles tend to be a better choice for flooring as they are stronger and harder wearing. Ceramic tiles can be used as flooring but are less hard wearing and will crack more easily if you drop anything onto them, however they are perfect for walling, and using as splash backs. Mosaic tiles will generally only be used to create a certain pattern or effect, due to the size of them. You could tile an entire wall out of mosaic tiles but it would be extremely hard work, and time consuming, as well as being difficult to get a perfectly even finish.
Q. What is involved with maintaining my tiling?
A. You can get sealant to coat the grout in which will help to keep your tiles looking clean - dirt and grime can stick quite easily to the grout which can then make the tiles look grubby. Other than that it will just be cleaning your tiles as you normally would, always check the manufacturer's care guidelines for any do's and don'ts, before you splash a strong bleach mix onto your lovely new tiles.
Q. Will I need anything else to go with my tiling?
A. Your installer should be able to provide the necessary materials for fitting the tiles, or advise you of what needs to be ordering and how much, but you will need grout, adhesive and spacers at least. You may also want to install floor insulation. Always speak to your installer for advice.
Q. Is tiling suitable for use in a cloakroom bathroom?
A. Tiling is suitable for pretty much any area of your house. Just bear in mind that if the room has been built a strange shape or has lots of odd joins, it may be harder to tile than neat square shapes, and will take longer.
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