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On/off cartridge, available from a range of shower spares at Ergonomic Designs
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Q. What is an on/off cartridge?
A. An on/off cartridge is what will control a single outlet of a thermostatic shower valve being turned on and off.
Q. What things should I consider before purchasing an on/off cartridge?
A. No on/off cartridge will be universal, so it is very important that when you purchase a replacement cartridge you have checked that it is the correct one. You will need to know the manufacturer of your original valve, and the model, and you will need to check with he manufacturer for the code of the replacement on/off cartridge. Some on/off cartridges are only available to purchase directly from the manufacturer, some you will be able to purchase from us. As on/off cartridges are not universal, you will need to have checked with the manufacturer the correct code, as we will not be able to advise on other manufacturer's spare parts.
Q. Why should I choose an on/off cartridge?
A. All cartridges will have a life span, when the part either starts to leak, or doesn't turn on or off properly, then this will probably be when you will need to purchase a new on/off cartridge.
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