We offer a huge choice of basins in every design, offering you countertop, wall mounted, freestanding and pedestal basins. These will also have many options in regards to tap holes, over flow holes and optional extras. With many different sizes and shapes to choose from you will find the perfect basin for your bathroom, speak to your installer for whats available for your install.
Click here to see our basins FAQ, or watch our help videos above!

Countertop Basins bought by other customers

Ideal Standard Strada 600mm 0th Countertop Basin

Save £63.12

Clearwater Sontuoso 590 X 390mm Natural Stone Countertop Basin

Save £104.66

Bauhaus Celeste Countertop Or Wall Mounted Basin 500mm

Save £67.92

We think you'll love our Freestanding Basins

Frontline Cabanes 600mm Solid Square Freestanding Basin

Save £346.87

Frontline Cabanes 600mm Solid Square Freestanding Basin with Shelves

Save £384.38

Take a look at our huge range of In Countertop Basins

Vitra S20 450mm In Countertop Basin

Save £68.63

Vitra S20 550mm In Countertop Basin 1th

Save £60.11

Ideal Standard Concept Cube 420mm Countertop Basin

Save £53.81

Browse our great range of Pedestal Basins

Rak Series 600 Pedestal 520mm 1th Basin

Save £33.35

Burlington Victorian 610mm 2th Basin

Save £58.05

Vitra S20 1 Tap Hole Wall Hung Cloakroom Pedestal Basin 45cm

Save £35.49

Take a look at our best selling Semi Recessed Basins

Frontline Holborn Traditional 550mm Semi Recessed Basin 2 Tap Holes

Save £29.74

Ideal Standard Tesi 1 Tap Hole Semi Countertop White Basin

Save £56.03

Vitra Zentrum 495mm Semi Recessed Basin

Save £72.34

Take a look at our huge range of Under Countertop Basins

Frontline Lily 465mm Under Countertop Basin

Save £34.99

Vitra M Line 595 X 455mm Under Countertop Basin

Save £34.00

Vitra S20 520mm Under Counter Basin Oval

Save £68.63

Take a look at our huge range of Wall Mounted Basins

Geberit Acanto 900mm 0TH Wall Hung Slim Basin

Save £115.38

Roca Carmen 800mm x 500mm Wall Hung Vitreous China Basin 3th

Save £147.85

Rak Compact Special Needs 500mm Wall Mounted Horizontal Outlet Basin

Save £47.06

Browse our great range of Washstands

Burlington Edwardian 800mm Basin Chrome Washstand

Save £211.05

Premier Carlton Chrome Universal Basin Washstand

Save £81.75

Burlington Black And Aluminium Traditional Basin Washstand

Save £247.05

Get help, with our basins FAQ

Q. I want to buy a new basin for my bathroom what do I need to do first?
A. The first things to consider when it comes to choosing a new basin is the size you will need, the style that you are looking for and the shape of the basin. You will also need to consider your budget, but this needn't be a problem as there are lots of basins available to suit every budget and taste. Once you have these things sorted you can move on to choosing the basin.
Q. Should I go for a round basin or a square basin?
A. There is no right or wrong answer when it comes to choosing the shape of your basin. It is entirely personal preference as to which style you like. If you are looking for a contemporary design then square may suit you better, however there is such a variety of sizes shapes and designs available that whatever style you decide to go for you will be able to find your perfect basin in square or round. you may want to consider things such as matching toilet and what will suit the other fittings in your bathroom best. If you have quite an angular shaped bathroom with lots of angles you may be best to choose a square design, if your bathroom features softer edges round or oval may be a better choice.
Q. What design of basin should I go for?
A. There are hundreds of different designs of basin to suit every taste and budget. The first factor you need to consider is whether you are going for the traditional look or a more modern feel. Perhaps you want an ultra minimalistic bathroom and may want to consider the sleek washbowl style? You will also need to decide if you would like tap holes in your basin and if so how many? The only difference any of these will make is the look in your bathroom!
Q. What materials can I choose from and which is the best?
A. Generally basins are manufactured from porcelain, vitreous china, and stone resin. Sometimes you will see the material listed as ceramic which is more of a group term for materials such as porcelain, where porcelain is a type of ceramic. Vitreous china describes a process where a durable glossy coating is added to ceramics to increase their strength and resistance to things like spills. Stone resin is a tough material taking on many of the strength qualities of stone without the weight and difficulties in manufacturing. They can also be designed to mimic the look of natural stone if this is the feel that you are going for. All of the materials used to manufacturer basins are considered to be good in their own way although generally speaking vitreous china and stone resin are considered to be the most durable of materials.
Q. Which install option should I go for, for my basin?
A. There are many ways to install a basin from having a full pedestal, or an on countertop basin, in countertop, semi recessed, or wall hung. Factors to consider when choosing will be the design of your bathroom, the layout and the size you have available to you. For more information on all of the different types of basin please see the individual buying guides.
Q. I have a cloakroom/tiny bathroom what basin style should I choose?
A. There are lots of different styles of basin to choose from, many of which are perfect for smaller spaces. You may want to consider a corner wall hung basin if you have a little corner that would be suitable for housing a little basin. Alternatively many of the semi pedestal basins have a shorter projection and width enabling them to be installed in a smaller space. Within all of the styles you are almost certain to be able to find a beautiful basin suited to bathrooms where space is a at premium. just because you don't have much space doesn't mean that you can't have a stunning basin that you will love.
Q. I don't have a big budget, is there still a good variety of basins to choose from?
A. Basins come in all sorts of shapes and sizes to suit every budget. Different brands and levels within our brands will offer different basins at different prices. A gorgeous new basin doesn't have to cost the earth and you can still find a fantastic selection at lower prices.
Q. What else will I need to go with my basin?
A. When you are purchasing a new basin you will need to think about the additional extras that you will require. Items such as taps and wastes will not be included and will need to be purchased separately. Other items such as pedestals and bottle traps will also need to be acquired depending on the style of basin that you have decided on. You can find more information about these things under bathroom accessories and the styles of basin.
Q. Can I find matching items to go with my accessories?
A. You will find lots of choice when it comes to picking items to go with your basin. Some people choose to match everything together perfectly and will choose a suite of some sort. Others will want to choose basin and toilets that match. Some customers will want their basin and toilet and other bathroom fittings such as baths to match, but not completely for a little variety. in which case, they only choose the same shape and style to match, and with this in mind you can create a stunning and versatile bathroom.
Q. What is involved with maintaining my basin correctly?
A. Of course the best thing you can do when it comes to cleaning and looking after your basin properly it is best to follow the manufacturer's guides. As a general rule you should never use bleach or any salt based or corrosive cleaners as these can damages the surface of your basin. If you are cleaning regularly such as once a week washing liquid and a scourer may be enough to keep the basin in good condition. If the basin requires a bit of a deeper clean the best thing to use is white vinegar and a soft cloth or the above scourer. Leaving the vinegar on to soak for a while will be beneficial as vinegar contains antibacterial properties making it the perfect bathroom cleaner. It is not advised that you use vinegar on any coloured items or marble as this can cause discolouration and damage to those. Surprisingly white vinegar is actually the perfect bathroom cleaner and can also be used on lime scale and brass items in your bathroom without damaging them! Some manufacturer's will recommend their own cleaning products which will be advertised and available to purchase.