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Q. What is a plate?
A. A plate is a cover plate for the front of a concealed valve to hide the void behind it that the valve sits in, and makes it look finished.
Q. What things should I consider before purchasing a plate?
A. Plates are not universal, so you will need to ensure that the plate you are ordering is compatible with your valve. For different valves, and models, the holes will be in different places, there may be etching, and the size of the plate overall will be different. This means that if is not suitable for you valve it won't fit over the spindles and it won't cover the void. You will need to make sure that you have contacted the manufacturer of your valve to confirm the correct code, or if it is one of our own valves that you have contacted our customer care team with your original order details, or provided a photo of the valve.
Q. Why should I choose a plate?
A. If you have a concealed valve you will always need the concealing plate to hide the void in the wall. These are a good idea as they are the finishing piece for your valve. Generally you won't have a choice of plate for the valve as they are specific to model, however you may have a choice of round or square flanges dependent upon handles that you have chosen.
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