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3 way diverter cartridge
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Hudson Reed Diverter Cartridge Valve

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3 Way Diverter

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3 way diverter cartridge

3way diverter cartridge available online here at Ergonomic Designs from a wide range of shower spares

Get help, with our 3 way diverter cartridge FAQ

Q. What is a 3 way diverter cartridge?
A. A 3 way diverter cartidge is a diverter for a three way thermostatic valve, and will divert between two outlets, sometimes also acting as the on/off. For example between a shower head and a smaller side shower.
Q. What things do I need to consider before purchasing a 3 way diverter cartridge?
A. You need to ensure that the cartridge you are purchasing is the correct one for your valve. Diverter cartridges will not be universal and will only be compatible with a certain valve or valves. You will need to know the manufacturer and model of your valve, and you will need to confirm with the manufacturer which diverter cartridge is compatible with your valve.
Q. Why should I choose a 3 way diverter cartridge?
A. At some point you will need to replace your diverter cartridge. All cartridges have a life span, and when they start to stiffen, or not work properly, this is probably the time when you will need to purchase a new 3 way diverter cartridge.