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Toilet seats are normally specific to a range of toilet pans. We would always recommend that you check the model of toilet pan that you order as mos of them are not universal. If you have had a toilet for a few years then the manufacturer may have changed the design of the pan and seat so you are best of checking that the new designs will fit your toilet. If you are unsure on these then you can call us or the manufacturer.
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Q. What is a toilet seat?
A. A toilet seat is the part that attaches to the toilet pan, and we sit on it. Generally lidded, but some toilet seats are available without the lid.
Q. What things do I need to consider before purchasing a toilet seat?
A. Toilet seats will not usually be universal, so you need to ensure that the seat you are purchasing will be compatible with your toilet pan. Most toilet seats will have specific manufacturers and ranges with which they are suitable for use. If you are purchasing the pan from us, the compatible seats will be listed in the product options. However, if you are purchasing a replacement seat for a pan you already have, then you should check with the pan manufacturer what the compatible seats will be.
Q. Will I need anything else to go with my toilet seat?
A. A toilet seat will be a stand alone product, you will obviously need the pan to fix it to though.
Q. Can I buy matching items for my toilet seat?
A. There won't really be matching items available for toilet seats, however you can always find items of the same style to go with your whole bathroom.
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