Concealed Showers

Concealed Showers are perfect when you want to hide all the pipework behind your tiles and create a beautiful minimalist shower area in your bathroom. Our concealed mixer shower kits consist of a built-in shower valve and the necessary parts to go with this to give you the concealed shower kit you want. When choosing a concealed shower kit it is important that you consider the water pressure you have to decide what size of shower head is suitable and to also make sure any features you select, such as massage jets will work on your system. You should also check that the shower valve will fit in the wall where you want it to and the recess this requires. One of the main benefits of a concealed shower kit is the huge choice of options you have, as you can put together your kit from a range of shower valves, shower heads, side showers, bath outlets and massage jets in order to make your perfect concealed mixer shower kit.

At Ergonomic Designs we know the choices can be endless, so we have put together a shower creater that will allow you to create your own shower kit from all the possible options on our site. If you would like to use this feature please click here
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