Wall Hung Vanity Unit

Wall Hung Vanity Units are the perfect choice for your bathroom if you want to keep the floor clear and create a luxury look whilst giving you the perfect place to hide away all the bathroom products as many of these units have space to fit all your cleaning products and more in the cabinet. Space saving and unique these bathroom vanities make a design statement. You can choose between a huge choice of designs and styles and some even let you choose the style of basin to complete the vanity unit with the added benefit that the pipework will all be hidden and out of sight keeping your new bathroom perfect.
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Q. What is a Wall Hung Vanity Unit?
A. A wall hung vanity unit is as it sounds, a unit that holds a basin and is hung on the wall.
Q. Why should I choose a wall hung vanity unit?
A. A wall hung vanity unit is a great option if you are looking for an item that is modern and doesn't take up any floor space. Some people choose to have a wall hung toilet to compliment their wall hung vanity units and to make the bathroom look more uniform.
Q. What style should I go for?
A. Style is something that is particularly personal, and also in keeping with the rest of your bathroom. There are lots of different options to choose from, such as modern to traditional, minimalist to chunkier styles and everything inbetween. There are also a range of colours to choose from such as wood effects and the standard white colour. There's also space to think about - how much storage space do you require, do you want a cupboard, cupboard with shelves or drawers> These are all parts of choosing the style that you want, as well as thinking about the size you have available to put the unit into.
Q. Will I need anything else for my wall hung vanity unit?
A. This is where paying attention to the adverts becomes very important. Some vanity units will include the basin, some won't. You will also need to bear in mind that the tap and waste won't come as standard with the unit, so these will also need to be purchased separately. Also look out to see if fixing kits etc. are included. The adverts will always explain what is included.
Q. Are wall hung vanity units suitable for cloakroom bathrooms?
A. This will all be dependant upon the size of your cloakroom bathroom and the size of the unit you are looking at. Sometimes you'll find that manufacturer's offer specific cloakroom designs, but if there's one you like and you have the available space then there is no reason why you cannot choose it.
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