Heated Towel Rails

Towel radiators are designed to both heat your bathroom and to warm your towels ready for when you get out of the shower or bath. These will all offer a variety of heat outputs to suitably heat your bathroom. There is a large range of designs and colours and shapes to choose from so that you can find the perfect style to compliment your bathroom. Some towel radiators will be electric and some will run off of your central heating system.
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Eastbrooks Wendover Curved Towel Radiator 800 x 400 White

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Premier Vertical 700 X 500mm Curved Ladder Rail

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Hudson Reed Elgin 1100 X 550mm Vertical Chrome Towel Radiator

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Premier Electric Towel Rail Radiator 920 x 480mm Anthracite BTU 1706

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Hudson Reed 690 X 500mm Electric Towel Radiator

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Premier Electric Towel Rail Radiator 720 x 400 Anthracite BTU 1024

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Our Flat Panel Towel Radiator have something for everyone

Redroom Azor 1600 X 500mm Flat Panel Towel Radiator Anthracite

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Flat Panel 1080 X 550 Mm Bathroom Chrome Designer Towel Rail Radiator

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Eastbrooks Staverton Flat Panel Towel Radiator Flat Panel 800 x 1200 Chrome

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Kartell K Rad K Rail 1000 X 400mm Straight Towel Radiator

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Kartell K Rad K Rail 1200 X 400mm Straight Towel Radiator

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Kartell K Rad K Rail 1200 X 600mm Straight Towel Radiator

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Check out some of our recommended Traditional Radiators

Eastbrooks Isis Traditional Radiators Towel Radiator 960 x 600mm Chrome

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Hudson Reed Brampton Traditional Heated Towel Rail 1500 X 575mm

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Hudson Reed Countess Traditional Towel Rail 676x966mm

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Get help, with our heated towel rails FAQ

Q. What is a heated towel rail?
A. A heated towel rail is essentially a ladder radiator, which means that it has gaps in it for you to hang your towels over to dry,and heat your bathroom either via your central heating or some may be electric or dual fuel.
Q. Why should I choose a heated towel rail?
A. A heated towel rail is a great option for bathrooms with it's dual functionality. Perfect for heating your bathroom but also ideal for hanging towels over to dry, or in the colder months just to get them nice and toasty for when you step out of the shower or bath! There are lots of designs, brands and styles to choose from, making these an excellent choice for any bathroom. Also available in a range of sizes heated towel rails can even fit into compact spaces.
Q. What things should I consider before purchasing a heated towel rail?
A. There are a few things to consider before you even start looking at the ranges. For example, you will need to think about your budget, styles, colours and space that you have available. You will also need to decide how you would like to run the heated towel rail, ie from your central heating. A big consideration when looking for a heated towel rail is something called the BTU. This is basically a measurement of the heat output you can expect at a certain temperature. This is a great way to find out whether the towel rail you are looking at will heat your bathroom sufficiently. To work out what your required BTU would be, search BTU calculator on google. This is not something that we would be able to advise unfortunately, so you will need to complete the calculation online. Once you have these things sorted you can start your search for the perfect heated towel rail.
Q. Will I need anything else to go with my heated towel rail?
A. You will need radiator valves to connect to your pipe work if it is a dual fuel rail or you are running the towel rail from your central heating, however if the towel rail is electric only you would not need these but you would require an electric element, likewise if you are using the rail dual fuel. every advert should have these listed as product options. This does not necessarily mean that you have to choose those, but they give you a good idea and will usually be the manufacturer's own or recommended items.
Q. Are heated towel rails suitable for use in cloakroom bathrooms?
A. This will depend on the exact size of your cloakroom bathroom, and the towel rail that you are looking at. You will also need to check what BTU you would need (see above question, things to consider), as the last thing you want is to be roasted alive when using your bathroom. It may be, that if your space is especially small a towel rail wouldn't be suitable.