Bath Wastes

Once you have chosen your bath the next thing you need to consider is what type of bath waste you want. Depending upon your bath you will need either a exposed waste or a concealed waste. If your bath does not have an overflow you will need a specific unslotted waste for this type of bath. There is a large selection of waste design to choose from including the traditional chain waste or a popular choice at the moment is the pop up design which is controlled by the overflow.
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Q. What is a bath waste?
A. A bath waste is the item that will connect onto your pipework to drain the water from your bath. Often the waste will come attached to the overflow as well.
Q. Why should I choose a bath waste?
A. You will need a waste for any bath that you purchase, you will just need to choose the style of the waste that you want!
Q. What style should I go for?
A. This will be partly based on the bath that you have chosen as some baths will only take specific wastes so always check the adverts and product options carefully to ensure that the waste you choose will work with your bath. Providing that the bath you have chosen is standard and any standard waste will fit it, you now have a choice. Most traditional style baths either roll top or freestanding will usually require an exposed waste, which will also add to the traditional feel of the bath. Then you have push button wastes, which as they sound, are push activated (you push the waste itself in the bath). You just need to remember with this type of waste that to drain the water you will need to put your hand in the bath ad push the actual waste itself. Then you have pop up bath wastes, probably the most popular style and great for modern baths, these are activated by turning the front of the overflow 'popping up' the waste. Another idea which will fit most people's idea of a plug are the chain wastes. Also good for trying to create a traditional feel without the exposed waste, these are manually operated. They will usually come with an overflow which the chain will attach to and you simply push the plug into the bath waste hole, and then pull the chain to remove the plug and drain the bath. Most bath wastes will be classed as something calls slotted, which essentially means that they are for use with a bath that has an overflow. If you happen to have chosen a bath which doesn't have an overflow you will need to purchase a waste that is unslotted. Always check the bath advert before deciding on or purchasing a waste.
Q. Will I need anything else to go with my bath waste?
A. A bath waste should be able to be fitted by itself, however for some installs a trap will also be required. Always seek advice from your plumber first and then check the adverts to ensure that you are ordering the correct items and that you have everything your installer will need.
Q. Are bath wastes suitable for use in cloakroom bathrooms?
A. As a cloakroom bathroom would be too small to install a bath into, you would have no use for a bath waste, so no.
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