Bath are available in a range of different sizes, styles and designs. From free-standing or roll top baths for large bathrooms to space saving or shower baths perfect for smaller bathrooms. We have many different manufactures of baths that have different features. For example you could partial or full anti slip on a steel bath or some acrylic baths, or you could also have grips integrated on to the bath. Please note you will need a bath waste and filler of some kind as these will not come with the baths.
Click here to see our baths FAQ, or watch our help videos above!

Corner Baths we think you'll love!

Carron Dove 1550 X 950mm Corner Bath With Seat Left Hand

Save £196.73

Carron Omega 1700 X 1000mm Corner Bath Left Hand

Save £262.58

Carron Tranquility 1300 X 1300mm Corner Bath With Seat

Save £243.30

Double Ended Baths we think you'll love!

Kaldewei Puro Duo 1800 X 800mm Double Ended Steel Bath In Alpine White

Save £471.51

Carron Profile Duo 1600 X 700mm Double Ended Bath

Save £88.07

BTL Algarve Double End 1700x750 0TH Bath (No Wellness System)

Save £89.25

Browse our great range of Freestanding Baths

Carron Halcyon D 1750 X 800mm Double End Freestanding Bath

Save £174.62

Synergy Ibiza 1830mm Modern Slipper Freestanding Bath

Save £274.80

Bramhope Traditional 1600 x 750mm Freestanding Bath with Ball Feet

Save £309.37

Other customers loved these Offset Corner Baths

Eastbrooks Dove offset Corner Bath 1550 x 950 LH 5mm

Save £265.05

Eastbrooks Dove offset Corner Bath 1550 x 950 LH Carronite

Save £375.30

Our Roll Top Baths are excellent value!

Essential Free Standing Traditional Roll Top Bath 1700 X 800 With Feet

Save £302.28

Burlington Hampton 1500 X 750mm Roll Top Shower Bath Rh

Save £269.54

Premier White Grosvenor 1500mm Roll Top Bath With Corbel Legs

Save £353.95

Our Space Saving Baths have something for everyone

Carron Quantum 1700 X 750mm Carronite Space Saver Bath Right Hand

Save £174.92

Carron Quantum 1700 X 750mm Carronite Space Saver Bath Left Hand

Save £174.93

Carron Quantum 1700 X 750mm Space Saver Bath Right Hand

Save £-6.08

You'll love our Standard Baths

Geberit Acanto 1700 x 700mm Single Ended Bath

Save £200.10

Ergonomic Designs 1700 X 750 Standard Acrylic Bath 0th

Save £98.67

Carron Delta 1400 X 700mm Carronite Standard Bath

Save £187.26

Whirlpool Baths to suit all tastes

Frontline Atlanta 1700 x 700mm 6 Jet Whirlpool Bath

Save £241.87

Frontline Comet 1800 x 800mm 10 Jet Whirlpool Bath

Save £410.62

Get help, with our baths FAQ

Q. I want to buy a new bath for my bathroom what do I need to do first?
A. Baths offer a huge range for you to choose from, and will be one of the items you probably have the most fun, and the hardest time, choosing. The first things you need to decide is what space you have to put the bath in. Then you need to decide on the style that you want to go for. Next will come budget and material. You may find that budget will restrict your choice of materials as some are significantly more expensive than others.
Q. Should I go for a round bath or a square bath?
A. The space and shape of your bathroom will largely decide this, but also the style that you are trying to achieve, and the look that you most like. With baths there is no right or wrong, it is what is best for you and what your installer advises will work.
Q. What design of bath should I go for?
A. This will depend upon the space you have available, what your usage of the bath will primarily be, the style that you like and the budget that you have available. For example, if you have a good sized space and are having a separate shower enclosure then an elegant freestanding bath would be perfect, if it's the traditional look you like then a lovely roll top bath would be a good choice. If you are planning to put a shower over your bath as an all in one then a shower bat would be the ideal choice. There's so many designs within baths you're sure to find the perfect one for your home.
Q. What materials can I choose from and which is the best?
A. There are lots of materials to choose from when it comes to picking your bath. The most commonly used ones are acrylic, steel, and natural stone. Generally, the natural stone baths are regarded as the best quality, but these are usually very expensive and limited to the large freestanding baths. A high grade of steel are also incredibly good baths, and are usually less expensive than the stone baths, but just as resilient and long lasting as natural stone. The higher the grade of steel, the better the bath. Then there is the acrylic baths. You can get some really good quality acrylic baths, but as a general rule you do get what you pay for. If you do go for an acrylic bath then ensure you choose one which is twin skinned and encapsulated for the best quality.
Q. Which install option should I go for, for my bath?
A. There isn't really much choice when it comes to install options for your bath. Mostly this will depend upon your bathroom and the design of bath you have chosen. For our particular bath and situation it is best to be advised by your installer.
Q. I have a cloakroom/tiny bathroom what bath style should I choose?
A. It is unlikely that if you have a cloakroom bathroom you will have the space to fit a bath in. If, however, you have a smaller bathroom and are looking to try and fit a bath in, there are some options within the bath categories that offer smaller or space saving baths, and these will probably be the ones that you will be choosing from.
Q. I don't have a big budget, is there still a good variety of baths to choose from?
A. we sell hundreds of baths all at different price points. Some baths are not as expensive as you would think, and across all budgets there is a good variety of baths to choose from. Don't let a smaller budget hold you back from having a lovely bath.
Q. What else will I need to go with my bath?
A. As a general rule acrylic baths will come with the legs, but steel baths won't. Some of the natural stone baths will also require legs to be purchased separately but if you are at all unsure always check the adverts and product options. Usually, unless stated otherwise taps and wastes won't be included either.
Q. Can I find matching items to go with my Bath?
A. Most baths don't come as part of a range they will be standalone pieces. But you can get other items to match with the them for example square or round, contemporary or traditional.
Q. What is involved with maintaining my bath correctly?
A. Regular cleaning will help to keep your bath in the best possible condition. Never use any harsh cleaning chemicals which might damage the coating on your bath, always refer to the manufacturers instructions or care guides for correct cleaning processes.