Accessory Sets

You can choose from a large range of accessory sets in both round and square designs. There will also be a selection of sets including different accessories within each one offering choice of different items without having to purchase them all separately.
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Q. What is an accessory set?
A. An accessory set is a collection of two or more accessories that go together and are sold together for one price.
Q. Why should I choose an accessory set?
A. An accessory set is a great option to go for if you need a few accessories and want them to match. Normally the sets will also come in groups that would naturally be ordered in, for example a toothbrush holder and tumbler set.
Q. What style should I go for?
A. Style is completely personal preference, and much will depend on what style the rest of your bathroom is, for example if your toilet, basin and bath are traditional, you are unlikely to want an ultra modern set of accessories!
Q. Will I need anything else for my accessory set ?
A. You will need to check the advert of your chosen accessory set to find out if you will require any fittings or fixtures as they are not always included. In terms of additional items that will be down to you and your requirements. An accessory set may contain all of the accessories that you want for your bathroom, or they may just be two matching items, for example a shelf and towel rail. If you then needed items such as toothbrush holders, or grab rails etc. then you will obviously want to buy these as well.
Q. Are accessory sets suitable for cloakroom bathrooms?
A. Accessory sets are great for cloakroom bathrooms providing you don't get over-excited and order too bug a set! A simple two piece set for example will be a great addition to your bathroom and may even be a space saver. If you go for a two in one unit such as a shelf and towel rail it will only be taking up one spot in your bathroom. Or maybe a toothbrush holder and tumbler? There are lots of different sizes and designs to choose from to fit in with any bathroom.
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