Shower Baths

Shower baths are available in a range of different shapes, sizes and styles. Shower baths can be the same as a standard bath but reinforced to allow you to stand. These can also be in a p shaped design available with a bath screen. Please note that these baths will come with the shower screens, bath taps or wastes so these will need to be purchased separate.
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B Shape Shower Baths bought by other customers

Carron Sigma 1800 x 750mm Carronite B Shape Shower Bath Right Hand

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Carron Sigma 1800 x 750mm B Shape Shower Bath Right Hand

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1700mm LH Shower Bath B Shape Curved Glass Screen + Panel Set

Save 45%

Other customers loved these L Shape Shower Baths

Carron Urban Edge 1575 x 700mm Carronite L Shape Shower Bath RH

Save 26%

Carron Urban Edge 1575 x 700mm L Shape Shower Bath Right Handed

Save 21%

We think you'll love our P Shape Shower Baths

Carron Aspect 1700 x 700mm P Shape Shower Bath Right Hand

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Carron Aspect 1700 x 700mm P Shape Shower Bath Left Hand

Save 20%

Take a look at our best selling Rectangular Shower Baths

Carron Apex 1700 x 800mm Rectangular Shower Bath

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Carron Index 1700 x 750mm Carronite Rectangular Shower Bath

Save 23%

Get help, with our shower baths FAQ

Q. What is a shower bath?
A. A shower bath is one that is designed to be used for showering just as much as for bathing. Standard baths will usually be designed to be sat and bathed in.
Q. Why should I choose a shower bath?
A. Shower baths are a great option if you are lacking space in the bathroom for both a shower enclosure and bath, as this is a two in one option! They ususally will have a whole host of extras available too such as bath screens to complete the showering experience.
Q. What style should I go for?
A. There aren't huge amounts of differences of styles with shower baths, most tend to be quite modern, although there are the odd traditional style ones around if that's the look that you are keen to go for. A lot of the designs will feature a special 'shower' area where one end of the bath will be L-shaped, P-Shaped or B-Shaped. Be aware that many of the shower baths will be handed - as in right hand or left hand, you may need your installer to advise before purchasing. To save a bit of extra space it may be worth going for the straight shower baths which are likely to take up less room in depth from the wall.
Q. Will I need anything else to go with my shower bath?
A. Your shower bath may need legs to be purchased although they may come included with the bath, bath front and end panels, taps, wastes and shower screens will also not be included and will need to be purchased separately. If you are unsure what is included with the bath that you want to purchase then please see the advert and if you are still unsure you can always give us a call!
Q. Are shower baths suitable for use in a cloakroom bathroom?
A. We wouldn't recommend any bath for a cloakroom bathroom as there will usually only be enough space for a cloakroom suite such as a basin and toilet.