Double Ended Baths

Double ended baths means no more hitting your head, getting burnt or a shock when you touch the cold taps as they will often be in the centre of the bath. This will also give a bigger internal diameter of the bath. Some of these bath may not be supplied with legs and they may need to be purchased separately. This will normally only apply to the steel baths however if they are needed then will be available in the product options when you add a bath to your basket.
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Q. What is a a double ended bath?
A. A double ended bath is one which has both ends of equal size, and will often give a bigger internal bathing space than single ended baths, and will usually have the taps and overflow in the center of the bath rather than at one end.
Q. Why should I choose a double ended bath?
A. Double ended baths are fantastic if you have a large enough space to accommodate them. Usually the taps and overflow will be in the center of the bath, meaning that both ends of the bath are availale for use. This type of bath is also available from a variety of manufacturers and in a wide range of designs for choice when designing your bathroom.
Q. What style should I go for?
A. This is really down to personal preference, the style of the rest of your bathroom, the space you have available and what your installer recommends. Good things to base your choice on is shape, for example the internal shape of the bath may be round or square, generally the external of these baths will be square. These baths tend to be quite modern in design so this is probably not one to go for if you have a traditional style bathroom.
Q. Will I need anything else to go with my double ended bath?
A. Things such as taps and wastes or fillers will not be included with your bath, and on some models the legs may also be required to be purchased additionally. These will always show though, when you add the bath to your basket, and this should also be advised in the advert. If you are unsure as to what is included you can always give us a call.
Q. Are double ended baths suitable for use in a cloakroom bathroom?
A. We wouldn't recommend any bath for a cloakroom bathroom as there will usually only be enough space for a cloakroom suite such as a basin and toilet.
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