Shower Kits

The shower is going to be one of the main areas to choose in your bathroom and there are a number of options perfect for every bathroom size and plumbing system. You will need to decide if you want a 'concealed' shower kit or 'exposed' shower kit as well as deciding if you want a 'thermostatic' control valve or manual mixer shower. You can purchase all the components individually or as a kit.

At Ergonomic Designs we know the choices can be endless, so if you are looking for a concealed shower we have put together a shower creater that will allow you to create your own concealed shower kit from all the possible options on our site. If you would like to use this feature please click here
Click here to see our shower kits FAQ, or watch our help videos above!

Our Concealed Showers have something for everyone

Concealed 2 Way Square Ceiling 300mm Thermostatic Shower + Handheld

Save 43%

Concealed 2 Way Mixer Round 300mm Thermostatic Shower Kit

Save 38%

Square Chrome Concealed Thermostatic Twin Diverter Head Mixer Shower

Save 31%

Check out some of our recommended Digital Showers

Aqualisa Rise Digital Concealed With Adjustable Head Bath Filler And Remote Control Gravity Pumped

Save 32%

Aqualisa Q Smart Concealed Digital Shower With Slide Rail & Head Hp

Save 18%

Aqualisa Rise Digital Concealed Shower With Fixed Head And Hand Shower

Save 32%

Take a look at our best selling Electric Showers

Bristan Bliss Electric Shower 10.5 Kw Black

Save 50%

Bristan Smile Electric White Shower 8.5 Kw

Save 45%

Aqualisa Quartz Electric Shower 10.5kw With Adjustable Head Chrome

Save 29%

We think you'll love our Exposed Showers

Ultra Peyton Thermostatic Shower Panel In Matt Silver

Save 63%

Burlington Avon Thermostatic Traditional 2 Way Exposed Shower Kit

Save 45%

Exposed Square Thermostatic Mixer Shower Cube Set + Square Side Shower

Save 31%

Get help, with our shower kits FAQ

Q. What is a shower kit?
A. A shower kit is exactly as it sounds, it will feature a valve and the correct amount of outlets for that valve. Ideal if you want a pre-made set with all of the shower items together, rather than picking individual items.
Q. What types of shower kit are there?
A. There are four different types of shower kit, concealed, digital, electric and exposed. A concealed shower kit will feature a concealed valve and outlets suitable for use with that valve. A digital shower kit will feature a digital shower valve and associated outlets. The electric shower kits will come with the controlling unit and usually a riser rail and head. Finally, the exposed shower kits feature an exposed shower valve, and associated outlets.
Q. Why should I choose a shower kit?
A. A shower kit is a great choice if you just want to order all of your shower kit items together, or if you want everything to be the same brand and range. The sets will generally include everything you will need other than fittings, fixings or pipework, and are perfect for saving time picking out individual items. There is also a huge range of sets available on our website, so the chances of finding finding your ideal set are very good.
Q. Are shower kits suitable for use in cloakroom bathrooms?
A. Generally speaking to be classed as a cloakroom bathroom you would have limited space, and are unlikely to have room for a shower enclosure or bath, meaning that you would have no use for a shower kit.
Q. What things should I consider before purchasing a shower kit?
A. You need to consider how many outlets and what outlets you are hoping for, and how much pressure you have available. This is particularly important when looking at kits that have a thermostatic shower valve, as these will require more pressure than an electric, or manual shower valve, for example. On concealed shower kits where you have options for larger shower heads, spouts and massage jets, you will also need to bear your system pressure in mind. Each advert will list the minimum pressure required.