Bath Spouts and Fillers

Once you have selected your perfect bath your next decision is how you want to fill the bath. We have a large selection of bath fillers and bath spouts that are perfect for filling your bath. You will need to decide on how you want the bath to fill, specifically whether you want the bath to fill from the wall, the floor or be mounted on the bath. Alternatively, and a popular option is to have a minimalist design where the bath filling is done through the overflow which in the majority of these will also control the waste.
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Q. What are bath spouts and fillers?
A. Bath spouts and fillers are alternative options for filling your bath, other than taps. They are as they sound either a spout or a filler that can be wall or deck mounted, floor mounted or even fitted to the overflow.
Q. Why should I choose a bath spout or filler?
A. Bath spouts and fillers offer a brilliant alternative to taps, with hundreds of designs and styles to choose from. They are especially perfect for modern bathrooms and designs. Whether you want a wide minimalist style filler, or an elegant spout, there is sure to be a filler or spout that is perfect for you.
Q. What things should I consider before purchasing a bath spout or filler?
A. There are a few things you should consider before purchasing a bath spout or filler. You need to think about your budget,
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