Freestanding Baths

Freestanding baths are perfect for large stylish bathrooms. These are available in a range of different sizes and designs from traditional styles to modern styles. Depending on the type of bath you are looking at you may need to purchase legs or feet separately. You will also need a tap and waste for the bath that will not be included. Some of the baths do have tap holes that you can mount a standard bath tap too. If the one you want doesn't then you will need a freestanding bath tap. Also with freestanding baths the waste you need may be specific to the bath so we would recommend checking this before purchasing.
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Q. What is a free standing bath?
A. A freestanding bath is designed to be able to be placed anywhere in your bathroom, providing your waste allows for this, but unlike standard baths these do not need to be installed into a recess, it can be a standalone piece in the middle of your room.
Q. Why should I choose a double ended bath?
A. Freestanding baths are beautiful creations, offering exquisite shapes and providing a stunning focal point in the bathroom. If you are looking to purchase a freestanding bath you will most likely be designing the rest of your bathroom around this one item. If you have the space and shape of bathroom to allow for one of these baths, then lucky you, as these models offer the greatest range of designs and choice.
Q. What style should I go for?
A. If you are choosing a freestanding bath the chances are that you will have already decided on the look that you want to create and the other items in your bathroom will be fitting around the bath that you choose. This means that your decision will either be very easy or very difficult! The first step will be to find out what size you can have installed. Once you know this you can narrow down the options and see what is available in the size you require. There are some elegant contemporary designs along with the more glamourous traditional styles, however if it is traditional that you want you may be better suited to look in the rolltop bath category.
Q. Will I need anything else to go with my freestanding bath?
A. Items such as the taps and wastes will not be included and for some models the surrouns or legs may be required but are not always included in the price and may need to be purchased separately.
Q. Are freestanding baths suitable for use in a cloakroom bathroom?
A. We wouldn't recommend any bath for a cloakroom bathroom as there will usually only be enough space for a cloakroom suite such as a basin and toilet.
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