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Bathroom Suite Packs
There are variety of bathroom suite packs to choose from. With freestanding bath suites, shower bath suites and shower enclosure suites. You can also choose a complete bathroom suite with all the products to perfect your bathroom. Most are available in a range of different sizes, designs and colours.

Get help, with our bathroom suite packs FAQ

Q. What is a bathroom suite pack?
A. A bathroom suite pack is exactly as it sounds. A suite pack. Depending upon which suites you are looking at, different products will be included, but rather than individual items, you will have several products that have been put together to make a set or a pack. Most of the time the suites will include items from the same manufacturer, however this is not always the case and some suites may have a mix of several manufacturers to make the best pack.
Q. Why should I choose a bathroom suite pack?
A. If you are looking for matching bathroom items, or for several bathroom products then a bathroom suite pack could be the perfect choice. Dependant upon the bathroom suite pack that you choose, each category will have different features and different products included so always check the description, and the product options. Generally, if a product is listed in the product options, this means that it will not be included in the set.
Q. Are bathroom suite packs suitable for use in a cloakroom bathroom?
A. This will be dependant upon the bathroom suite pack that you choose, and on the size of your cloakroom, but generally speaking a bathroom suite pack would have too many items and be too large to fit into a cloakroom bathroom.
Q. What things should I consider before purchasing a bathroom suite pack?
A. Before purchasing or deciding on a bathroom suite you need to consider the size of the space you have available, style, budget and what items you are hoping to have included. This should help you to decide what category of suites to be looking at. You also need to consider the budget you have available and the style that you are hoping to achieve. For example, you wouldn't want a lovely modern suite with your beautiful traditional accessories! You also need to decide whether you want items from the same range, and whether there is a suite pack that has the design of all of the items that you like.
Q. I don't have a large budget, is there still a good range of bathroom suite packs to choose from?
A. The bathroom suite packs that Ergonomic Designs offer cover a variety of price points, from budget options to more expensive branded items. However, it is worth noting that because you are buying a set together and it is items that we have selected to put together, it may work out cheaper on some items to buy them individually, or the same items but different brands may cost less, so if you are on a tight budget it may be worth having a look around the site before deciding on a bathroom suite pack.
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